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dead battery

Don’t Get Frosted By Ignoring A Weak Battery

Your battery may have performed like an Olympic athlete all summer and a thoroughbred throughout fall. Now that winter of 2021 has whistled and roared it’s way into the New Year, your vehicle battery may be getting a bit wobbly in its electronic knees.

Rooftop storage

Get Some Extra Elbow Room For Next Adventure

Your family may be ready for a private getaway this winter, a place where you can shelter safely away from home. How do you pack all that winter gear and still have space in your vehicle?

Feeling Left Out In The Cold? Time For A Checkup

Your morning commute in frigid weather will soon begin, but only cold air comes out of the heating vents. Driving while wearing a thick coat can help keep you warm behind the wheel, but it will take some expert sleuthing to get your heater and defroster functioning again.

2021 Sienna Selected For Green Car Award

The 2021 Toyota Sienna has been named Family Green Car of the Year by the Green Car Journal.

The annual Green Car Awards highlight vehicles that offer lower carbon and tailpipe emissions, petroleum reduction or displacement or operation on battery electric power.

“The fuel efficiency of this all-new 2021 Sienna makes it a cut above the rest,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Motor North America’s (TMNA) executive vice president of sales. “This award highlights our dedication to hybrids in North America.”

Toyota Pumps Up Safety Tech in Popular Camry

The Toyota Camry has turned 37, and this perennial leader offers a diverse lineup.  All 2021 Camry models debut Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+, the automaker’s newest version of the groundbreaking driver assist technology suite that includes automatic emergency braking.

Ca-Ca-Cold Season Tips Help Keep Drivers From Getting Frosted

Our rides could use a little extra love this time of year, especially if you live in extreme weather.

Even if you enjoy a milder climate and don’t have to shovel the driveway or worry about road salts damaging your wheels and undercarriage, there’s still things you can do to care for your vehicle this winter.

Deflated By December Weather? Get Those Tires Inspected

Cooler nights in early winter can take the air out of your driving, literally.

Underinflated tires wear out faster and don’t handle as well on slick roads. Here’s how to keep aging tires from deflating your wallet (or purse).