Brake Repair

Brake care is vital to vehicle safety.

And no one in the Sacramento area understands this than the brake repair experts at Maita Toyota's service center.

Experts suggest servicing your brakes annually, though vehicles exposed to severe summers and winters should receive a check-up during the spring and fall.

Routine services keep you on top of your brakes’ condition, allowing you to anticipate (or even avoid) expensive repairs.

Even drivers with limited knowledge about how vehicles function can tell when their brakes underperform. A high-pitched squeal coming from the wheels while stopping indicates a problem with the brakes, as does a pedal that vibrates or feels spongy when pressed.

Stop-and-go driving wears down brakes faster than freeway driving. How hard you apply brakes, your daily driving conditions and the types of materials used to construct your brake pads also play crucial roles in the longevity of your brake system.

A brake inspection at Maita Toyota's service center measures the thickness of your brake pads, checks the brake line for leaks, monitors the level and quality of your brake fluid and tests the wheel rotors for wear.