Air Conditioning Maintenance

Does your air-conditioner blow noting but a bunch of hot air? Does a moldy smell waft from your vents? It might be time to have your climate control system inspected.

While modern air-conditioning systems are almost maintenance-free, that doesn't mean they don't need a check-up from as the years go by.

If your vehicle is more than 5 years old, there's a chance mold could be growing in the system.

Why would mold be growing in my air-conditioner?

Air conditioners use hoses to drain condensation, but when they get clogged, moisture accumulates, allowing mold to grow in the system.

Dust, dirt and crumpled leaves get sucked into air conditioning systems. This buildup of contaminants in the air conditioning is a slow process--like plaque building up in an artery

Mold breeding in your vehicle’s air conditioning can contribute to allergies. Mold generates unpleasant odors that can become embedded in your clothes and upholstery, too.

Maita Toyota's service technicians know can banish mold from your air-conditioner with an application of biocide, a chemical designed to kill mold.

Why is my air-conditioner blowing warm, musty air?

Warm, stale air pouring out of the vents doesn't automatically mean the system’s low on refrigerant.

The problem could be a blown fuse or an issue with the compressor.

The trusted, friendly and factory-trained technicians at Maita Toyota can perform a thorough inspection of your climate control system that includes checking the fluid pressure, duct temperature and operation of the cooling fan. They'll also look for leaks.

No matter the problem, we'll get to the bottom of it.