Amgen Tour Comes to Folsom

Professional riders travel through the Sacramento area the weekend of May 20 as part of the annual Amgen of California.

More than 100 of the world's top cyclists race state-wide event, which begins May 15 in San Diego. Two legs of the race occur in the Sacramento area.

"We have an epic route in store for the 11th annual Amgen Tour of California," said Kristin Klein, president of the Amgen Tour of California and executive vice president of AEG Sports.

Historic Folsom hosts riders Friday, May 20. They race along a 12-mile course that includes Rainbow Bridge and concludes on Sutter Street.

Conclusion of the race is scheduled Sunday, May 22, for downtown Sacramento. The course parallels the Sacramento river, crosses Tower Bridge and finishes at the state capitol.

"Competitors and fans are in for thrills - in particular, one of the longest routes ever with lots of climbing, our second time riding south to north across the state," Klein said. "The level of competition will highlight why the Amgen Tour of California is America's Greatest Race and also one of the international season's most challenging."